DisruptSV Wiki

Today, the DisruptSV wiki makes its debut.

This is our knowledge base for target companies, their weaknesses, and how to profitably take advantage of those weaknesses. Join the cause to take back tech from its occupiers — it’s literally in your financial interest.

While we’ve all got our plans that we won’t be sharing, contribute your other insights to the knowledge base so others can hit the ground running. Having more bootstrapped, closely-held companies in the space benefits us all indirectly. Your contribution to the wiki is a vote for this eventuality.

Don’t Sell Your Freedom

This has been a fruitful week.

We’re near launching the wiki, where we can collaborate to overwhelm Silicon Valley giants with small, targeted competition. Even with massive workforces and mountains of cash, they can’t defend every position.

The next article will be a heavy one. Until then, enjoy this excellent post on IndieHackers: How to Build a Startup Empire without Selling Your Freedom.

The Value of Ownership

You’ve heard the pitch before, right? Be your own boss! Call you own shots! Wear the feathered hat. The topic this time is business ownership.

Assuming you’re answering this call to adventure, we’ll examine two main ways of approaching it, and which of them delivers best.

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Weakness is the New Strength

One of the realizations I had, growing up in a leftist state and breaking the brainwashing in college — quite the opposite of how it typically goes — is that the tenet of leftism that is most appealing to the more sympathetic can be expressed as such: weakness is the new strength.

Back when I subscribed to leftism, it was for simple reasons. Leftists looked out for the destitute; otherwise they would starve, right? Leftists stuck up for people who were discriminated against; I believed that was happening at the time. Leftism is the weak standing together to not be trampled by the strong. Right?

Well, leftism has had its way. It is now the establishment. What have the results been?

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