Systemic Economic Asymmetry

The great asymmetry between the left and right is that they are, to a large degree, living their economic worldviews: the left gets easy money from on high to do their stuff — grants from philanthropists, venture capital, etc. — and the right has to create wealth from the bottom up by bootstrapping. For the right, one must bear his own risk, thus getting started is a big jump less frequently taken; for the left, there are institutions that will bear your risk for you, so they have an overabundance of founders of startups with a 90% failure rate.

An aside: the insulation from risk for the founder insulates his leftist political beliefs from the reality of the market. Not having to bear his own risk, he will never understand what it is to be a true entrepreneur; he can continue believing that business owners don’t deserve to be paid more than an employee, etc., without challenge.

There are a lot of people working 9-5s who can start viable enterprises that benefit their cause, but they’ve got families to feed and need to know they can feed their families doing these things. Even crowdfunding is off the table, with Gofundme shutting down right-wing fundraisers. The best way to show these people that they can make it is to support right-wing entrepreneurs: their market success sends a signal to those who haven’t taken the jump yet.